Bailiff Services

Serving all of Canada

We specialize in the seizure of commercial equipment including heavy commercial vehicles, equipment, autos, boats, and other recreational vehicles…

We offer the following services:

Asset remarketing and liquidation in Canada, the USA, and beyond

-Storage facilities

PPSA , RSLA Registrations and Lien Search

-Commercial Appraisals (CPPAG) in Canada, USA and around the world

-Auction Services

– We provide you with complete condition reports upon seizure, and supply estimated net   recovery values

Process Serving, Tracing & Locate Services

-Tenancy Distress, Re-entry, Lease Terminations and Security during such events

We are an Appointed Bonded and Insured Bailiff Firm. All our Bailiffs conducted themselves in a Professional, Responsible and Ethical manner. We have built a reputation for knowledge and good service based on our expertise and referrals. We currently service most major Leasing Companies, Banks, Credit Unions, Law Firms and various private sectors across the country.


David Wiebes
Appointed Bailiff
Ontario Bailiff & Lien Registration Corp
Global Equipment Company Ltd
Global Equipment Finance Corp
89 National St
Garson, ON
P3L 1M5
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